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The first free traffic data broadcast.

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Frequently Asked Questions


Katie is a free broadcast platform, that streams simulated road traffic data.


It means Katie shares with you, for free, data that represents simulated road traffic. You know, vehicles, streets, junctions, traffic lights. Data are generated by an external simulator and Katie makes it available for everyone, without any cost, without any information request. Not even your email is required.


Data is knowledge, power and ... fun! Here are some things you can do with our data:

  • Understand the geometrical connections between roads (quite easy).
  • Predict when a congestion will happen (not so easy).
  • Predict the future number of vehicles in a given road (challenging).
  • Guess the mathematical model that is behind all of it (if you can do this then drop us a line!).

Data are publicly available via websocket connections open to the world. Moreover, we have built clients for downloading and streaming in real time this data, so that you can download and run your favorite in a few click. Check out this GitHub project.


This is an experimental platform built for data scientists and researchers. We plan on releasing as many clients as we can, for the most common science-oriented languages (R, MatLab, etc.): at the moment only the Python client is available. We also plan on integrating much more complex simulators than the current one, potentially a microscopic simulator like SUMO.


It is possible! But please get in touch first, by opening a ticket.


True! We are still in beta, and we plan on integrating a large and realistic model as soon as possible, perhaps using SUMO.


Not yet :) But if you are interested and may be planning to contribute, definitely get in touch!


  1. You have your models and algorithms to test.
  2. You want to get a live streaming of traffic data.
  3. You know Katie has the data you need.


  1. You downlad one of the software clients from here that let you watch and store data.
  2. You monitor the network, run you experiments, fit your models, etc.
  3. You owe us nothing.